Col Smith,

I had a blast at MER SAR.  It was great training and I thoroughly enjoyed each flight.  Thanks for the hard work of you and your air ops team!  I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours sitting in the back of air ops awaiting assignment for the high bird mission and it was really eye opening to see the level of coordination required to pull the event off.  Hats off to your team for doing the under-appreciated work behind the curtain to make everyone’s flights possible!

Thanks again for all your help!  I look forward to hopefully doing it again next year.

Chris B.

COL Langley,
The hard work and dedication demonstrated by everyone supporting last weekend’s MERSAR event was absolutely phenomenal!  The collaborative efforts demonstrated by leadership, support staff, class room trainers, ground teams, aircrew, logistics and transportation personnel  contributed significantly to CAP’s readiness for rapid emergency response.  While everyone did a great job, I feel that the kitchen staff deserves special recognition.  They reported to duty while others were still in their bunks, and continued working late into the evening while others were relaxing.
Food is the primary contributor to maintaining good morale, which was incredibly high during the entire event.  I’m happy to report that I did *not* hear a single complaint about the food.  The hot meals served during breakfast and dinner were delicious and served on-time.  Sandwiches, chips and cookies served at the flight line were exactly what was needed to suppress hungry appetites, while allowing for uninterrupted training. For these reasons, please pass along my sincere gratitude to the entire kitchen staff.

!! Job Well Done !!

CAPT Ron Glockner


This was defiantly one of the best Ranger/GTM Training events I have attended. Thank you all for hosting such a great CAP Activity!

Rachael B.


Hi Sir,
I had a fantastic time, my worrisome foot cooperated sufficiently and what “barking” it did yesterday in reaction to the weekend’s events was muted by the lingering halo from the fun I had.  It was really motivating; as a matter of fact, I was just about to go for a hike when I saw your e-mail and so sat back down to respond concerning DDR.  I spent time last night re-reading the chapters in the GTM guide to reinforce what we were taught and I also bought some maps of Umstead so MAJ Bohler, CPT Griffa and I, and any cadets who might want to come, can go for land navigation improvement afternoons.

Hopefully when Gladys returns I can still make time to come with you and the cadets as you go on GTM / Ranger weekends.  I have all but two items checked for GTM 3, ICUT and Basic First Aid remain to be completed.  I can’t believe I messed up and missed the opportunity to corner our field medic and knock out that one!  I checked all the blocks for Ranger 3, except still have one more sanctioned event to attend.

Finally, I have to say thanks for the absolutely amazing work that you and all your staff did.   The food, the transportation, organization overall was fantastic!  I honestly don’t know how you run a business and do all that you
do at Wing and then plan this event and bring it off with such aplomb.  I know Tracie and Terri are only two people among many who managed the diverse logistics, but the food was fantastic, hot, and there was plenty of it. Your wife is an amazing organizer, leader and cook!  Terri made the check in and out easy and to me it felt very efficient.  I’m looking forward to next year, but am conflicted, for as much as I want to check more blocks and learn more, I may also want to “give back” and assist as staff.

W. Coz
Raleigh NC