2018 Air Operations Plans and Documents

ANNEX D – Air Ops Protocols and Safety 2018

The Air Ops Protocols and Safety document is required reading before any flight to, from, or during MERSAR. Please download and have this with you if you are flying inbound. It contains very important information that you will need to know well before you plan your flight to Blackstone.

MERSAR 2018 Sortie Briefing Packet

This is the briefing packet that contains specific instructions for taskings during MERSAR. If you will not be involved in flight operations during the event, you will not need this.

Operations Area Map

This is the map of the operational areas we will use for training. We will provide you with a high-resolution printed copy (11×17) at the field. ┬áNOT FOR NAVIGATION.

Air Tasking Card 2018

This is the form we will use to track your releases and fueling during MERSAR. We will provide these to you at the field.